Have you ever wondered why some teams win and others lose?  Some teams have individuals that on paper should win.  They are individually talented and well educated.  Their individual IQ is off the charts. However, when they come together they don’t perform very well.  Why is this?

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Talent Just Needs to Be Good Enough

Google was wondering the same thing and set out to analyze the data to find out.  What they found out was really simple.  Teams that consistently performed at the highest levels had nothing to do with the talent on the team.  It had everything to do with the cultural norms of the team.  It boils down to three things; Vision, Traction, and Healthy.

High Performing Teams are Healthy

The data shows that teams who are extraordinarily healthy outperformed their peers.  So what does healthy mean in the context of high performing teams?

Healthy teams have a high level of psychological safety.  Meaning the team is open and honest with one another.  They are willing to be themselves and take risks.  They fully trust one another and reveal their authentic selves.  The result is a complete even exchange of dialogue.

These healthy teams are not dominated by a single leader in meetings or conversations.  Every member contributes equally.  Essentially, every team member takes the mantle of leadership depending on the topic or area of expertise.

Secondly, these high performing teams have a high level of clarity and accountability in their roles.  In other words, they have clearly defined roles and expectations for performance.  They have systems and structures in place to drive the business forward.

Lastly, they have a shared vision.  They know where they are going and how they will get there.  The team shares an inspiring view of the future and know what success looks like.

In summary, teams that score high on Vision, Traction and Healthy become high performing teams regardless of individual intellect.  Collectively, teams that share a vision, have discipline with accountability and are very cohesive and healthy outperform everyone else.

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