What are the Most Common Reason People Start a Business?

Is it to build wealth? to be your own boss?, Status?, to challenge yourself? The answer to this question, from the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve met, is FREEDOM.  They want Freedom to build an empire without limitations.  To turn their own ideas into reality. Freedom to be creative without needing to get approval. To follow or to break the rules, or to create their own rules.   They want to be free to be themselves.  

Why did you start your business? Was it to achieve Freedom?

I love to chat with entrepreneurs about their entrepreneurial journey, usually over coffee.  The stories are almost always filled with challenges as they grew.  Those challenges are the best business education you could ever have.  So that experience in itself is a great start. This is the beginning a long journey. The business that you started can very quickly turn into a job and be very draining.  A sure sign is you are no longer having fun.  The fire you had in the startup of your business is starting to go out.  I find that if you are feeling drained by the thought of your business you started for the wrong reasons.  It’s probably time to revisit your purpose, cause, and passion. 

Be Free to Be Yourself!

Freedom is the reason why I started my business.  After constantly being put into the traditional corporate mold, I broke free and started to pave my own way.  The journey was long and difficult but the rewards of making my own choices can’t be beat.  
I started a business, providing a service in an industry, I did not have a passion for.  I created a job for myself. This was a very small first step, but I knew this was not going to lead to freedom. About 3 months after Mark and I started we said it’s time to go big or go home. Let’s turn this business into our way out. The focus became building a great team with people excited to follow us on the path to freedom.
The same business I did not have a passion for became my passion after changing my mindset. Asking myself the question, Why? The answer, Freedom. Freedom of Location, Time, Money, Relationships, Future, Team, Risk, and Energy.