If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together

– African Proverb

You own the company, not the vision

While working with entrepreneurial leadership teams the question often comes up “because we have a visionary, is he or she the only one with ideas and do they own the vision?”. The answer is no; you own the company, you don’t own the vision.

When visionaries own the vision, it becomes about you, not about the company. The key to building a great organization is creating a vision that transcends the leader of the organization. Your vision has to become the greater good for everyone in the organization.

Build a team

Visionaries, business owners and leaders who want their vision to become a reality should consider building a leadership team who buys into the vision.

A genius with a thousand helpers.

– Jim Collins

Visionaries are typically not very skilled at creating leadership teams. They need a great Integrator to help them build a team that helps them execute a vision that is shared by all.

By creating a team that shares the vision you are much more likely to achieve your vision. You will have more free time, be less frustrated and you will accomplish what you wanted to in the first place.

Collaborate, document, and share

You as the visionary are probably frustrated that you can’t get your people fired up about your vision. You can’t get them executing on your ideas well enough or fast enough. So you stay frustrated.

If you are like most visionaries, you don’t document your vision. You probably think you clearly communicate it, but most likely not. If you are like me, you didn’t get much input from the team.

A team will keep you focused and executing

Visionaries tend to change their minds quickly and lose focus. That’s part of the reason why you can’t execute on your vision. You are creating a culture of whiplash, and the team can’t keep up, so they give up.

Getting your leadership team to help you create the vision and execute on it, helps keep you focused, you’ll stick with ideas longer, and the team will hold you accountable to sticking to your great ideas so they can become a reality.

You are the “why,” they are the “how.”

Visionaries help create the “why” of an organization and what the organization will look like in the future. The team, and the Integrator specifically, is the “how” of the organization. The key is to let them use their creativity to figure out how to execute on the vision. For the team to execute on the “how” you need to let go of the details and let them execute.

Visionaries own the company. They don’t own the vision. It’s much bigger than that. If you want to gain traction in executing on your vision the first step is to build a team and hire an Integrator. Then, you just need to get out of their way.

WHY-guys, for all their vision and imagination, often get the short end of the stick. Without someone inspired by their vision and the knowledge to make it a reality, most WHY-types end up as starving visionaries, people with all the answers but never accomplishing much themselves.

– Simon Sinek