I remember early in my sales career, a prospect turning the tables on me and asking me if I used the product I was selling in my own business. I was a bit taken a back and a bit embarrassed to admit that I did not use our “brilliant selling tool” in my own efforts. Needless to say I did not make the sale. From that day forward, I committed to becoming a fully engaged user of the products that I sell.

The Power of Applied Learning

When I chose to become an EOS Implementer, I already had experience with the system. In fact, I had used the system to build one of the fastest growing privately held businesses in the United States and was listed on the Inc 500. I was even referenced in EOS’s seminal book “Traction:”

Alongside two other partners, brothers Tyler and Jonathan B. Smith founded a small technology business designing high-end websites with back-end web applications. Once they realized their current business no longer fit their personal core focus, they left the business to their partners and each went on to build successful businesses in line with their core focus.

Jonathan went on to co-found Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc., a company that provides coastline security for countries all over the world. His company made Inc. magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies.

However, when I became a Certified EOS Implementer, it had been more than a few years since I had “purely” used the system. In addition, EOS had evolved significantly since Gino Wickman was known as the Virtual CEO 13 years ago.

On the Path to EOS Mastery

I decided that if I were going to truly walk the path to EOS Mastery that my company was going to have to be an EOS client too. Over the course of the last year, I have spent a great deal of time studying the EOS Model, EOS Process, and EOS Tools.

More importantly, I have chosen to implement EOS in my own business, just like my clients. I have assembled a leadership team, followed the EOS process, and am working on being my best in all Six Key Components of the EOS Model.

See One, Do One, Teach One

I strongly believe that in order to be my best, I need to both understand and have first-hand experience using EOS. I fondly look forward to my Level 10 Meetings with my leadership team every Thursday at 7 AM and am amazed at the progress we have made as a company.  And, that I have made as a Certified EOS Implementer.