Fundamental to the success of any EOS® effort is the health of the team. Team Health is dependent upon the personal leadership of all contributors which hinges on the mastery of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

The term Emotional Intelligence is hot right now.  Although popularized in the 1990’s by Daniel Goleman, the principles have been around awhile.

EQ leadership is an inside job that moves out to inspire others into action, vision-adoption, and relationship.  The EOS® Core Values work leading to the V/TO, the level 10 meeting, and diligently practicing GWC all require this “Inside-Out Leadership” which is at the heart of EQ.

Owning you have emotions, and being willing to manage them, coupled with the understanding that others also have emotions, allows you to manage relationships.

The intelligent use of our emotions is based on two concurrent zones of focus – a regard for myself (self-awareness) and a regard for others (empathy and compassion). EQ is about what I recognize and regulate in myself and recognize and empathize with others.

Both EQ and EOS® have a bias towards thoughtful action. The Latin root for emotion is emover. Emover is also a root for movement. We mistakenly think feelings are inert or resting. The fact is emotions cause movement.

The good news? EQ skills can be developed.  IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is thought to be static and permanent. EQ, on the other hand, is a set of skills, abilities, beliefs, paradigms, and behaviors that can be strengthened and changed over time through awareness and the choice of how we manage our thinking and feeling.

Emotional Intelligence and The Trust Builders™

O4G asked us to connect the dots between EQ skills and The Trust Builders™ tool. Long an admirer of EOS® after reading Gino Wickman’s, Traction, I immediately saw the connection of EQ Leadership mastery to the sustainable success of EOS®, especially as it relates to Team Health. The Trust Builders™ is a deceptively simple roadmap to Team Health and completely aligned with the Leadership Mastery™ signature system facilitated by Leaders Inspired.

As a Trust Builder, you are asked to find a common language through study (The Five Dysfunctions of a Team), follow a proven meeting system, share with transparency and vulnerability, offer (and receive!) productive feedback, connect personally, create self-awareness and other-awareness, and resolve conflict by clearing the air.

The Leadership Mastery™ system facilitates the strengthening of your EQ by creating high self-awareness, realizing where you are stuck inside your comfort zone and taking emotional risks, navigating drama triangle behavior out of unhealthy conflict, knowing your own behavioral and personality style so that you can customize communication to the needs of others on your team, listening with intent, providing feedback in the spirit of improvement, owning your stuff and fearlessly committing to resolving issues in the moment.

Fifteen years of facilitating this work has yielded undeniable transformational results for both individuals and teams. This work does not let you hide. With humility and good humor, dysfunctions are ferreted out and dealt with openly.

Courageous, Humble and Powerful Leadership

EOS and EQ both ask of you…

It’s funny when people call these “soft-skills”. There is nothing soft about EQ. It takes great courage to be an open, humble, transparent leader and encourage these qualities in others.  May you find this brand of leadership in yourself and your healthy team!