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Create a team that can achieve your vision in any economy

Get the playbook and tools you need to win the day in this online course

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Gain clarity

Be a confident leader

Capture opportunity

You have too many people relying on you to let your business fail.  You have what it takes to win the day.

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Gain clarity and confidence and take advantage of opportunity

Become disciplined leaders

Learn the mindsets and disciplines that will allow you and your team to become 10x leaders.

Win the day

Get the playbook and the tools you need to win and make progress every day in your business.

Win the future

Get clear on the what your future looks like and take action on it every day.  Indecision will no longer hold you back.

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Master the seven fundamentals to breakthrough indecision

The Resilient Playbook gives you everything you need to win the day.

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The Resilient Team

Having built our own businesses we understand the uncertainty, frustrations, and roller coaster emotions that come with building and growing a business. However this doesn't have to be your journey. Every person on the Resilient team is a battle tested entrepreneur. And now we teach these tools as well as The Entrepreneurial Operating System® to help leaders breakthrough indecision and become clear and confident.

Mark O'Donnell

Mark is a 9-time Inc 500|5000 entrepreneur and EOS Worldwide Head Coach, and Certified EOS Implementer™ who has since sold his companies to pursue his passion of helping other entrepreneurs build their businesses.

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan is an entrepreneur, High Growth Business Strategist, and EOS Implementer. He is the Co-founder of Optimize for Growth (O4G) and former COO of an Inc. 500 company.

Ben Berman

Ben is an entrepreneur and former CEO & COO of multiple high growth companies. After making his successful exit, he is now a record-holding Certified EOS Implementer dedicated to helping companies improve their people, profits, and scale.

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Over 200+ Companies Helped

2,000+ Full Day Sessions

21%+ Growth Rate

We've helped a ton of entrepreneurs navigate uncertainty and chaos

Mark Schmukler

"The Resilient Entrepreneur™ helped get my team focused and executing quickly during these uncertain times."

Sam Garfunkle

"This course gave us the confidence and tools to pivot our business in less than a week. We are aligned and ready to meet our customer's needs."

Marc Dispensa

"We were able to save our business with the tools and checklists in their course.  I'm a clearer and more confident leader."

You can win the day

1. Take the course

Take the Resilient Entrepreneur™ course.  2.5 hours and 7 modules.

2. Implement the Playbook

Work with your team to implement the tools in the playbook.

3. Win the day

Attack and solve every problem in your business and win each day.

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Get the Playbook

Get our two-page playbook and start winning the day.  

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So You're Healthy... Is Your Organization?