The EOS Model

The EOS Model® is a complete business operating system that helps companies with 10 to 250 employees scale and grow their businesses by strengthening Six Key Components®.

By strengthening the Six Key Components of The EOS Model, all businesses, regardless of industry, can reduce the complexity of your business and ultimately get everything you want from the business.

The Six Key Components

  • Vision.  In order to crystallize your vision and make it a reality in your business, you need to answer 8 simple questions and get it shared by your entire organization.
  • People.  We cut through all the jargon, A-players, superstars, top-quartile, etc, and define what great people in your organization are and then work to get them operating in the right seats.
  • Data.  We will teach you how to start managing your business on the numbers.  This will give you a complete pulse on the business and create a culture of results and measurement.

Once the vision is clear, you have all the right people in the right seats, and you are managing the business using data, you end up with a very open, honest and transparent organization where the issues just rise to the top, taking us to the issues component...

  • Issues.  There is good therapy in just listing out your issues, setting them up and knocking them down.  We teach every client a method to solve issues so they never come back.
  • Process.  The secret ingredient to building a scalable business is documenting your core business processes and getting them followed-by-all with absolute consistency.
  • Traction.  By strengthening the traction component we are creating all the discipline and accountability necessary to execute on every aspect of your vision.  We do that with meetings and Rocks.

Learn how we implement these tools into your business with The EOS Process®.