In this video we answer the following questions:

  1. When you are talking with a CEO or a PE firm what do you tell them about EOS and what the process does?
  2. Typically, what is the key agenda item or hidden issues that need to be addressed?
  3. Many leaders feel they have ‘hit a ceiling’ or that there is some complexity that they can’t deal with themselves……what does that look like?
  4. Every business needs an operating system.  Is there a ‘right time’ to implement EOS?
  5. Many owner founders or strong leaders feel they need to direct everything…..there is a hub and spoke.   How does EOS help the leadership team and CEO develop trust and confidence in good execution?
  6. What is an Ah-Ha moment?  What kind of comments to you get from the leadership team after the Focus Day or the Vision/Traction days.
  7. The book and tools exist to self-implement……but implementors have facilitated for almost 5,000 companies around the world.  What is their role?

If you want to know more about EOS and what a business operating system is you can read more on or