There is one F* word in the English language that I have been struggling with my entire life as an entrepreneur.  Like many before me, I started my entrepreneurial journey in the pursuit of Freedom.

I wanted to make it big, have no boss, do what I want – when I want, and make tons of money.  I started my journey in pursuit of pure freedom and lost sight of that in a matter of months, maybe even days of starting my company in 2007.

What happened that threw me off my freedom journey? Probably the right question is what didn’t?

Getting sales, hiring, firing, collecting cash, running Quickbooks and working 80 hours a week.  I quickly became mired in “stuff” and I lost focus on freedom, as do many entrepreneurs.  Then at the end of 2013, I was introduced to the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman.

I read about the Accountability Chart and the Delegate and Elevate tool as well as the concept of Unique Ability.  Until that moment in time, I forgot why I became an entrepreneur in the first place. The EOS tools allowed me to get back in touch with the concept of pursuing freedom with intent.  I now systematically pursue freedom every day.

I’ve created a scorecard to measure my level of freedom.  I use my score to create my quarterly goals and make improvements on my level of personal freedom.  The Freedom Journey™ can help you get back in touch with why you became an entrepreneur in the first place.

There are 8 areas of freedom I’ve identified: Location, Time, Relationships, Money, Future, Team, Energy, and Risk.  Get your score and get back on track in your pursuit of the F* word.