During our first Focus Day™ with Jonathan Smith as our EOS® Implementer, we walked into the room with 7 voting partners. We had 3 non-voting partners at the time who we decided we would not invite.

The goal was accountability in the business and to stop running the business like little kids playing soccer or playing accountability chart musical chairs. You know, when all two teams of kids follow the ball around? That was us until Jonathan set up the EOS tool, The Accountability Chart.

Stopping Accountability Chart Musical Chairs Requires Hard Work and Open and Honest Dialogue

He started explaining to us that there are 3-major functions that make every business work. There is a sales and marketing function, an operations function, and a finance function. We all generally accepted these basic principles.

Then he started to tell us that our job was to decide on the right structure for the business first, then decide on the roles for each seat, then place names of people in the seats who Get, Want and have the Capacity (GWC™) to do the job.

Oh boy, that’s where it got interesting.

The issue was we ended up with 6 total seats. Our sales guy decided he wanted the finance seat, which made no sense other than the fact that we always wanted to know if we had cash. That, and no one really wanted the seat at all. I ended up in the marketing seat, which was fine since I was doing the work there. My brother ended up in a recruiting seat.

Operations and Integrator was empty, and we had a Visionary. The two partners that were not in the room were going to be offered the Integrator and Operations seat. That left two partners with no seat on the Accountability Chart.

Be Open and Honest About GWC

The biggest issue in our case was the fact that we didn’t Get it, Want it, or have the Capacity to do the roles we defined for ourselves, nor did we have the patience to get there. Some of us Got it but didn’t want it, some of us Wanted it but didn’t Get it, and arguably all of us had the Capacity to do it.

However, we were not 100% open and honest. Like letting the sales guy take the finance seat. He totally didn’t Get it and we all knew it. What ensued was Leadership Team musical chairs. It was completely awful. It led to at least 4 iterations of The Accountability Chart over the next 6 months. With each iteration worse than the last. We kept changing the structure to try and fit the people who even slightly wanted the seats. The reality was that our first structure was the right structure and the issue was we didn’t have the people to fill them.

Now as an EOS Implementer myself, I push clients to make sure their Accountability Chart is the right structure and don’t try and create seats around people. When you do that it does more harm than good.

As I discussed in previous posts, I was one of the Leadership Team members who didn’t Want it intentionally. In order to get everything you want from your business, make sure you are open and honest with every team member including yourself. If you aren’t, it will cause musical chairs in the business.

Your credibility with your employees will take a hit. Putting people in seats they don’t GWC will ultimately not work.

Do all your Leadership Team members GWC their seats? It’s my passion to help people live the life they want to live.  If you are interested in EOS, The Entrepreneurial Operating System® and would like to learn more, click the button below.  This free 90-minute workshop will teach you all the tools necessary to achieve a higher level of freedom in your life and business.