Has fear ever prevented you from taking action? Just to be very clear of what that looks like, watch this short clip.

Just Show up!

I don’t know about you, but that is very frustrating to watch.  Is that how people see you?

Has fear ever held you back from checking items off your bucket list or starting a business?  Fear is a strong emotion that can paralyze anyone.  To some extent, we are all afraid.  We are afraid of the consequences of our actions, decisions, and choices. Your apprehension gets the best of you and they always just play it safe.   Fearful individuals become paralyzed by their own fears not allowing them to grow and accomplish the great things they were meant to do.


Some worry less about the consequences and as a result, end up taking more risks.  Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach refers to this process as the 4 C’s—Commitment, Courage, Capability, and Confidence.  

As you can see you just have to commit to whatever it is that you want to achieve.  Don’t worry about all the reasons why you shouldn’t do something.  I don’t have the skills, physical ability, knowledge, I’ll stand out, People will make fun of me, the list of excuses goes on and on.

I commit to a lot of things and have no idea how I’m actually going to do it.  I entered a marathon not knowing if I could actually run that far.  I paid the money, set the date on the calendar, trained a little, and just showed up and started to run.  Guess what? I completed a marathon.  Not the fastest time in the world but I finished.

Now that I’m writing this I think of how many things I’ve accomplished in my life so far just from showing up.  No doubt it is scary, but at the end of the day and your life for that matter, you will have no regrets.

I wish I would have just shown up!