Business Coaching and Consulting Services

Helping businesses clarify and achieve their vision

By looking more deeply into your business, Optimize For Growth helps entrepreneurial organizations scale and grow. Through focus and accountability, our clients are able to transform their businesses to gain more control, more scale, more profit, and more fun.

Our three practice areas

Due to our extensive and diverse entrepreneurial experience, Optimize For Growth can offer the systems, processes and people to help you succeed in any business environment.  With insightful facilitation and process consultation skills, we help you build high-performing teams that allow your business to scale and grow like you've always dreamed of.

Business Consulting

Our business consulting practice revolves around strategy execution.  We start by helping you implement a complete business operating system.  This the basis for everything we do.  We systematically strengthen the Six Key Components® of your business to help you get more done, hold your people accountable, and build really healthy, cohesive and functional teams.

During our journey together, we help you identify issues that are holding your organization back and help you select the right resources to solve those issues.  We have strategic partnerships with sales and marketing support, succession planning, finance and accounting and other critical resources.

Business Coaching

Optimize For Growth has a business coaching practice that focuses on the individual entrepreneur.  We are obsessed with helping you do five things:

  • Discover your Unique Ability and God given talent, then do only that.
  • Work with only people you love being with.
  • Make a huge impact on everyone in your world, both personally and professionally.
  • Implement strategies to be very well paid for risks and contribution.
  • Gain exponential freedom that enables the pursuit of passions.

Process Identification and Facilitation

We help you identify the key processes and value drivers in your business, document them, and get everyone in your organization following them with absolute consistency.  We use Process Triage® methodologies to create your scalable franchise model.

How we can help

  • Vision - we can help you clarify your vision, where you are going and how you will get there.  We also help facilitate your team to be 100% on the same page with that vision.
  • People - we help you identify who the right people are for your organization with really simple tools that help you build your culture.  Then we help you clarify roles and responsibilities for each team member.
  • Data - we help you determine the key performance indicators that will drive your business into the future.  We help you create an absolute pulse on the business allowing you to delegate more confidently and hold your people accountable.  Results matter.
  • Issues - we train you and your people to cut to the chase and solve issues at their root cause.  You will learn how to put solves in place that make your issues go away forever.  No more duct tape and twine.
  • Process - we help you identify the processes within your business, teach you how to document them, and develop your franchise model that will drive consistency, efficiency, and ultimately profit and scalability.
  • Traction®we will help you instill accountability and discipline throughout the organization so you can achieve every aspect of your vision.