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What you need to know about Process Triage and why you need it

Process Triage is a proven method to quickly document your Core Processes, understand how to measure their effectiveness, get them implemented and Followed-By-All, and be constantly improved.

The process begins with identifying a process you would like documented, then spend a full 1-day with an O4G coach clarifying, documenting, and measuring your process.  Within 90 days you have a clear view of the process, every one executing on it with consistency, and understanding its effectiveness.

From there, we identify a list of key improvements that help you deliver better and better results over time.


Efficiently Documented

Get your Core Processes clarified, documented, and measured with Process Triage.  Get a full understanding of your processes, who's involved with them and how they can be improved, all in a single day.


Once your processes are clear, documented and measured, we will show you how to get them implemented and followed-by-all throughout your business. This will create absolute efficiency and repeatability throughout all your processes.


Having all your processes documented and followed-by-all will allow your business to grow and scale at will.  We create your issues list that once solved will drive more profit and scale to your business.

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