Finding Your “Why” Enables You To Push Your “How”

Revisiting Purpose/Cause/Passion

In EOS, we have strict criteria for your Purpose/Cause/Passion. Your P/C/P MUST be:

  1. Stated in three to seven words.
  2. Written in simple language.
  3. Big and bold.
  4. Inspirational for an “aha” effect.
  5. From the heart.
  6. Something that involves everyone
  7. Non-financial
  8. Bigger than a goal.

Cutting Through The Touchy Feel-y Stuff

Just about everyone is touting passion… but what, really, is passion?  It is not the lip service ineffective leaders give to being “passionate about customer service.” And it is not a job applicant or team member’s statement about, “my passion is (insert key phrase from job description).” It is certainly not based on marketing nonsense!” Enough already! The brass ring many people proclaim, hype, and try to attach to is precisely this illusory notion of passion.  Most, in enlightened society, have discovered that it is no longer enough to be highly accomplished. Instead, to feel important, to be considered valuable, we must be passionate about something. In an age where authenticity is king, let’s get real about passion. The true passion that inspires action. The true passion that inspires loyalty. The kind that inspires greatness and positive change. The kind that leads to remarkable levels of organizational, and individual, success. Common Misconceptions: Passion is not an introductory line on your website. It is not the opener in your pitch. It is not your conversation starter… at least not if you want to compel your people Sign On & Stay™. Not if you want them to buy in, back you and remain loyal. Not if you want them to connect deeply, stay with you and become walking ambassadors for your success. Passion is not the flavor of the day. Nor is it something you can instill in others… unless they believe in and connect with your true passion. True passion is an individual, intrinsic attachment, typically cultivated over time. There are many definitions of passion. Simon Sinek, the founder of the “Why” Movement, defines Passion as an energy. Passion is the feeling you have when you are engaged in something you love.  

Passion starts with what matters to us and inspires us. It is what lights us up, brings us the feeling of greatness, and cultivates meaning in our lives.  It fosters action and provides deep satisfaction when the desired contribution, impact or result is achieved.

Real Passion Resonates With Customers

True passion is what lines our natural, least-resistant path to greatness.

True passion has real, observable manifestations.  When you are passionate about something and you act on it, you are in your zone.  When aligned with it, you become energized. When you speak about your passion, you become excited, enthusiastic, even exuberant.  Your speech, face and body language reflect your deep connection to your topic. Whether your passion is directed toward a cause, a desired impact, a profound change and/or eliminating an ill–it’s on your mind and drives everything you do. Genuine passion is emotional… you feel it. You care deeply and it shows. When you are passionate, your team members can see it, hear it and, most importantly, feel it.  Connect them to what your organization stands for, your true, hard-wired passion… your WHY. And those that resonate with what you care deeply about, align with you, support you and help you realize your goals.  With all the slapdash marketing efforts out there, consumers have become wary of corporate messaging. When an organization embodies their “Why,” however, it really works.

True passion inspires team member stickiness and produces aligned high-performing teams.

Your team members have innate drivers of passion as well.  To create stickiness and inspire excellence—especially with millennials—connect each of them to their hardwired, internal WHY’s. Connect them to why what you do matters, and, especially, why they and their contributions matter.  

  1. They believe what you believe, i.e., they believe your WHY
  2. What they do is aligned with WHY they do it

 The first step in cultivating and capitalizing on real passion is the precise first step in all compelling communications. Start by listening and learning. Find out what matters to your people. Ensure they are in seats where they can live out their passions and contribute to yours. And, articulate your passion in clear, authentic, impactful language.   When WHAT they do is aligned with WHY they do it, you can place your people in their highest-potential zones. Your employees develop passion for their work and alignment with the organization’s cause. They become engaged.  Per Gallup, the engaged companies realize 22% higher profitability and 21% higher productivity.  Imagine what that looks like at companies when real connection, real passion, catapults you to the top 5 or 10% of the engagement scale!

Beyond Words

Organizational passion needs are observable as well. Successful leaders, organizations, and entrepreneurs demonstrate passion, authentically, in everything they do.  It is amplified prominently in their communications. It is demonstrated in the way they treat their people.  It is implicit in the way they deliver and showcase their products and services. And… it is fully evident in the way they interact with clients and customers—at all touch points, always.   Simply stated, your people feel your passion when you “walk your talk.”  This is the passion that instills loyalty. This is the passion that inspires action. This is the passion that pulls your people–and your customers–in your direction and causes them to commit to you.   Attract aligned Customers and Clients.   Similarly, listen to your customers and learn what they want. Share your true passion in the same high-impact language and connect them to it. Connect them to what you, and they, are passionate about by sharing your beliefs. Make everything you–and those who support you–do and say consistent with what you care deeply about. That’s what inspires customers and clients who will travel farther, pay more, remain loyal and refer you to others.   Conclusion  Purpose and Passion are foundational elements in the EOS formula.  Without passion, you lack the fuel to springboard to the highest levels of success. Get real, demonstrate your passion, and win.