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Optimize for Growth is a full-service consulting firm for growth oriented entrepreneurs.  We provide our clients with an operating system, a coach and a mastermind to help them get everything they want from their life and their businesses.

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Business Operating System Implementation

O4G will help you and your leadership team select and implement the operating system that is right for you and your organization.  Once we select the operating system, we then begin the process of implementing the system in your organization.

The business operating system requires meeting with you and your leadership team once per quarter to set your goals and keep you 100% on track while learning the chosen system.

Our primary business operating system is The Entrepreneurial Operating System™.  EOS® is a complete and holistic system that helps business owners achieve vision, traction and healthy.


Business Coaching

Once we've selected your business operating system together, we will pair you with a right fit coach.  Your coach will act as your teacher, facilitator and coach throughout the process of implementing your operating system.  Your O4G Coach will hold you accountable to your results and be your partner along the journey of scaling your business.  

Our coaches meet once per month for 90 minutes for a coaching conversation with you and your leadership team and answer any questions and make sure your are getting everything you want from your business and your life.

In addition, if outside resources are needed, we will help you find additional coaching in specific areas, like sales and marketing, process and finance.


Peer Advisory Mastermind

Once we've selected your business operating system and paired you with a coach, we will get you into a monthly mastermind group with other CEOs who are on a similar journey to scale their business.  You'll learn best practices, gain insights and ideas from other O4G clients.  

Mastermind sessions are virtual and occur on the last Thursday and Friday of every month at 9am and 2pm EST.


What do you get when working with O4G?

An Operating System

  • Hand selected operating system to share your vision and create accountability
  • 10 licenses for software that supports your selected operating system
  • Quarterly and annual full-day planning sessions

A Business Coach

  • A right fit business coach based on your unique needs and personality profiles.
  • Complimentary Kolbe A Index for each leader on the leadership team.
  • Monthly 90 minute one-on-one coaching calls

A Mastermind

  • Connection with other CEOs on a monthly basis.
  • Virtual meetings with 4 available times via Zoom.us on the last Thursday and Friday.
  • Meetings are recorded and made available in the O4G client portal.

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