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By Jonathan B. Smith

In Optimize For Growth, you'll learn what the three essential resources are that will help you scale and grow your business.

As the CEO of a small business, you know what it means to hit the ceiling.  The heroic efforts you relied on to build your business from the ground up, aren't adequate to take it to the next level.

What you need are the three essential resources in the Optimize for Growth Model:

  • A business operating system helps CEOs articulate a shared vision and build the organization, process, accountability and productivity to achieve their goals.
  • A peer advisory mastermind provides valuable insights and advice from other leaders to accelerate growth.
  • A business coach keeps the CEO accountable and acts as a necessary sounding board and advisor to shape key leadership skills.

Learn from CEOs including the author's own experience building an INC 500 company, how to catapult your organization to greater profits, productivity, and traction.  Are you ready to optimize for growth?

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"Jonathan really captures the essence of 'working together' to define a compelling vision, comprehensive strategy, and relentless implementation plan to deliver profitable growth for all the company's stakeholders!"

Alan Mulally
Former CEO of Ford Motor Company

"Jonathan B. Smith truly understands the hurdles CEOs face as they try to grow their businesses. In this quick and powerful read, he describes three key elements they can use to optimize their success. It’s a must read for every business owner who wonders how to get out of their own way and get the right resources to grow."

Gino Wickman
Author of the award-winning book Traction and
 Creator of EOS Worldwide

"In this quick read, Jonathan B. Smith describes three key ways to optimize growth. It’s a must read for every business owner who wants to grow! Two likeable thumbs up!"

Dave Kerpen
NY Times Bestselling Author, The Art of People


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