In the EOS® process, we set quarterly goals called Rocks.  We review the status of our company, departmental and individual Rocks each week, with our team, in what we call a Level 10 Meeting™.  However, we often find that leaders don’t plan out their Rocks very well and the review isn’t as meaningful as it could be.  The solution is a Rock Planner.

Sometimes a Pure Rock Review Isn’t Enough

Remember EOS®, pure = In your Weekly Level 10 meeting:  “OK Jonathan, are your Rocks On-Track or Off- Track? Just answer On or Off.”   I preach this and teach this… but, with the guidance below. While this sounds nice and tidy for folks with OCD, it is not that easy to actually do in the real world, (i.e. has it ever worked with the 100+ clients I have implemented EOS for?  Ah, no, not always.)

Sometimes the Real World Requires a Rock Planner

Everything I have learned or understand more deeply, often comes from a “lightbulb” one of my client’s developed.  A wonderful friend – John Jones – with Atlas Tech in Charleston SC developed the Rock Planner.  Two very important things to note:

  1. The designation of a first step, two or three mid steps and a clear finish line.
  2. Identify what other resources you will need. This is where you fill in who will need to cooperate internally and externally, what other things you may need, i.e. access to the Super Computer ( I actually have a national lab as a client and this is a requirement for some of their Rocks….)

In Action Big Tip:  During each quarter: many of my teams carve out 2 of their 12 weekly Level 10 meetings and make them Rock Review Level 10s where they spend the entire time reviewing Rocks and then IDSing around issues that spring from the deep dive Rock review.