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Mark O'Donnell

Certified EOS Implementer™ and Head Coach at EOS Worldwide

Mark O’Donnell is an entrepreneur, high growth strategist, and Certified EOS Implementer and Head Coach at EOS Worldwide.

Mark has been involved in start-ups since he started his first business with his brother, Tommy O’Donnell, in 2007. He grew that business from just the 2 of them to over 250 people and $25,000,000 in revenues, putting them on the Inc. 500|5000 list 5 years in a row from 2012 to 2016. During that time, Mark caught the entrepreneurial bug and started over 23 companies.  Two of those companies made the Inc. 500|5000 list two times putting Mark and his partners in the Inc. 500|5000 Hall of Fame with 9 total appearances.

Mark sold his portfolio of businesses to private equity so he could pursue his passion for helping other entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.  He does that by implementing The Entrepreneurial Operating System® which a complete system, with real-world, simple practical tools that help business owners clarify their vision, gain traction and build healthy and cohesive teams.  Since selling his businesses Mark has helped over 60 companies in over 500 full-day sessions.

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A Track Record of Growth

Mark started his career in the pharmaceutical business working for Johnson & Johnson. While at J&J, he was worked as a project manager. By the time he was 28, Mark left the world of "big pharma" to become an entrepreneur. His first endeavor into the entrepreneur space was to create a consulting business, Validation, Inc., serving FDA regulated industries in the areas of compliance and engineering.  As a result of his success in this field, he was able to grow the company to $2.5 Million in revenue in less than 3 years.

The growth wasn't fast enough for Mark and his brother and they decided to merge with CimQuest Vantage, another $2.5 Million company, and rename the company Azzur Group, LLC. Mark took the role of President of the newly formed company.  Azzur Group went on a growth tear and reached Inc. Magazine's fastest growing list 5 consecutive years.

In 2011 and 2012, Mark and his partners created Azzur Labs, LLC. and invested in LiveHelpNow.  Both companies grew rapidly and make the Inc. 500|5000 list two years running.  This put Mark and his partners in the Inc. 500|5000 Hall of Fame with 3 companies on the list simultaneously. 

Mark and his partners then started, invested in, and purchased over 23 companies from marketing to online training businesses.

In 2014, Mark went on a search for an operating system to harmoniously orchestrate all the moving parts of the businesses and found Traction® and EOS®.  In 2015, Mark become so passionate about EOS and the results he was getting in his own businesses he decided to pursue that passion full-time.

In 2018, Mark sold his portfolio of business to a private equity firm.

A Passion for Entrepreneurship

Mark is a student of entrepreneurship and how to get more out of businesses.  He is a sponsor of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) an alumnus of Inc. Business Owners Council, a long time participant in The Strategic Coach as part of Dan Sullivan's 10x Ambition Program.

Since 2018, Mark has served as a Coach at EOS Worldwide and now Head Coach responsible for helping other Professional and Certified EOS Implementers build their businesses, deliver sessions purely to their clients and live The EOS Life™.

Mark graduated from Lincoln Technical Institute with an A.A.S in Electronics Engineering, from Albright College with a B.S. in Business Administration and from Northeastern University with a M.B.A, finance concentration.

Call Mark at +1 (484) 336-4440 or email at [email protected] to start scaling your business.


"We started working with Mark O’Donnell to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System. At that time we recognized that we were “hitting the ceiling”. With Mark’s wisdom, guidance and foresight we were able to set up the processes needed to properly delegate away many of the responsibilities that were consuming much of my time. As a result I learned to become comfortable with giving up control and as Mark often says “letting go of the vine”. "

Brian Sullivan
CEO, Sullivan Engineering

"In late 2016 and after studying EOS for many years, we decided to go for it and hired Mark O'Donnell to help us learn and implement the tools. Mark led our leadership team through a series of workshops, providing clarity around the EOS strategy, culture and tools. He's proven to be an EOS master with a wealth of knowledge who's helped push our team outside of our comfort zone while also instilling confidence that we could handle what's next. Since our EOS company rollout in January 2017, we've become a well-oiled machine, optimizing the way we meet, solve problems, plan, prioritize, follow processes, communicate, measure, structure, clarify roles, lead and manage. Beyond that, we've closed gaps between team members and continue to address internal issues head-on using the EOS tools. It's also provided safe platforms for employees to speak their minds, helping elevate our company culture. With Mark's guidance, EOS has helped our company "grow up" and we're extremely grateful for his approach and mastery of EOS and look forward to our continued partnership with him and O4G."

Mark Schmukler
CEO, Sagefrog

"I wanted to take a minute and thank you for introducing us to the EOS system. Since coming to our first session in early 2017 our company has experienced a major transformation. Our meetings are more efficient, we handle issues straight on. My time as the owner and visionary is now spent on the business not in the business. "

Gary Jonas
Owner, How Property Group

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