Building a world-class leadership team can change the world. If you are trying to get more of what you want from your business it starts by creating a world-class leadership team. The Entrepreneurial Operating System™ is designed to provide you with the tools to create the team you’ve always dreamed of.

A Clear Vision, Shared By All

All throughout history small groups of people have impacted the globe. Some of the most notable are Jesus and his disciples. A group of men who worked together over 2,000 years ago for a little over 3 years and still impact billions to this day. They had a clear vision for what they wanted to accomplish and stayed completely true to their Core Focus™.

Another small group was Ben Franklin’s Junto Society. His original members created the ideas for paved streets, the first police departments, and public hospitals. They met on a weekly basis with the purpose of advancing American morals, philosophy, and politics. Much of the way we live today can be attributed to these 12 men who were later joined by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Robert Frost, Charles Darwin among others.

A final example is Martin Luther King, Jr along with four others who took on civil rights and changed the course of history in the United States and abroad. They had a common vision that allowed them to work together for the long-term greater good.

The common denominator of these examples is a crystal clear vision, that is shared by the leaders of the organization. As Gino Wickman says, “cracks in the leadership team, look like canyons to the rest of the organization.” These groups of leaders would not have had the impact they did if there were any cracks in their vision.

Raise the Bar for the Leadership Team

When implementing EOS® in your business you will introduce three tools in the EOS Toolbox™ that will help you create a world-class leadership team. The first tools are the Accountability Chart and GWC™.

Every Leadership Team Member Must GWC Their Roles

You can’t build a great team without crystal clear roles and responsibilities. When Benjamin Franklin first created Junto, he chose men who came from diverse backgrounds and possessed different perspectives. The same is true for your business, every person brings something special to the table. Every person bringing their unique contribution and skill to move the business forward.

When I started my first business, everyone who was present was a defacto leadership team member. They didn’t have any other skill set aside from being available and present. Over time, the friends and family approach had to change because they really didn’t GWC their roles.

In order for you to create a world-class leadership team, every member much Get it, Want it, and have the Capacity to do their role. No exceptions.

They Must Be a Core Values Fit

The next tool you’ll use is Core Values and the People Analyzer™. Every leadership team member must perpetuate your culture without exception. If you have Core Values of Putting Others First, Taking Responsibility, Having The Courage to Take Action, and Having Fun, every leadership team member must live and breathe these values.

We’ve all heard the phrase culture eats strategy for breakfast. It’s as true today as it ever has been. But in order for your culture to be taken seriously, every leader on your team must be above the bar. If they aren’t your employees won’t take your Core Values, or you, very seriously.

Start Building Your World-Class Leadership Team

You can’t do it all on your own. If you want to scale your business, build enterprise value, and create a life you want, you need a great team to take you there. The Entrepreneurial Operating System helps simplify this process for you. Optimize For Growth EOS Implementers have helped over 120 companies build teams that win with very specific tools and structures.

There are no silver bullets, no hacks, no magic pills. Building a world-class leadership team takes focus, discipline, and courage. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone.