Being happy is something that every human being on the planet strives for. I know that I’ve been in pursuit of happiness my whole life. The interesting thing is that most people spend their time chasing those things they don’t have. It’s a common thing for everyone who wants more from their life.

For example, when you are a kid in elementary school, you can’t wait to get to high school. Once you are in high school, you can’t wait to get to college. When you are in college, you can’t wait to graduate and get a job. You get a job, then you are lonely and want to get married. After you are married, you want to have kids. Once you have kids you can’t wait until they are out of the house and you can retire….then you die.

Pretty depressing if you think about it.

The key is to stop and celebrate the progress you’ve made, celebrate the wins. This forces you to be present and look back on the progress you’ve made. Life is a journey, not a destination. The choice to be happy begins with a system that forces you to stop and celebrate the wins each and every day. After using Strategic Coach’s WinStreak app for months I discovered that happiness is a complete choice. By intentionally building into your system small celebrations, you are much happier.

3 Simple Steps to Be Happier

Here’s my system for making happiness a choice:

  1. Celebrate Wins Daily – I use The Accountability Solution journal and the WinStreak app. The journal is a custom made journal that will be available in Spring 2017.
  2. Complete a Weekly Review – When planning your week and looking over last week, take the time to celebrate all the wins and what further actions you plan on taking to build on the momentum.
  3. Take Clarity Breaks™ – We teach Clarity Breaks in the EOS® process. It’s simple time off where you are not thinking about work. You are just disconnecting from the day to day. This helps put things into perspective and is a great time management tool.

How do you choose to be happy?

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