The EOS Data Component is the third key component of the EOS model. Through the process of implementing EOS in your business, we work to strengthen the data component by cutting through all of the subjectives, personalities, opinions, egos, and boil your entire organization down into good, hard, solid data because the data never lies.

EOS helps you build a strong data component through the Scorecard and Measurables tools. These tools give you an absolute pulse on your business.

Trust the Data, It Doesn’t Lie

Andrew McAfee, a principal research scientist at the Center for Digital Business in the MIT Sloan School of Management, recently wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review entitled: Big Data’s Biggest Challenge? Convincing People NOT to Trust Their Judgment. His thesis can be summarized by the fact that MBA students have been traditionally encouraged to “trust their guts and instincts.”

MBA curriculums are designed to develop future leaders by providing them exposure to reams of case studies in an effort to help them develop better “pattern recognition.” He goes on to note that he believes “trusting your gut” is a faulty methodology in a world with a preponderance of big data available to readily support better decision-making:

The practical conclusion is that we should turn many of our decisions, predictions, diagnoses, and judgments—both the trivial and the consequential—over to the algorithms. There’s just no controversy any more about whether doing so will give us better results.

As an entrepreneur and Certified EOS Implementer, I am with Andrew . . . go with the data.