We did a “deep dive” on the EOS Core Process documentation and implementation process at our most recent Quarterly Collaborative Exchange (QCE). It was a great opportunity to hone my EOS Implementation skills on the path to EOS Mastery.

Mike Paton, one of a few EOS Masters in the group, shared a great process for helping clients get their core processes documented and followed by all. It was no surprise to me that his process is a simple tool to produce real simple results. The process is as follows:

  1. Simplify – Distill your core process down to its component pieces.
  2. Write it Down – Take an initial stab at getting it documented.
  3. Agree – Be relentless about simplifying it and ensure that all of the stakeholders agree and align.
  4. Train – Teach your company the process to ensure it is followed by all.
  5. Measure – Trust your team to follow the process, but verify their compliance.

The goal of core process development and implementation is to document it and ensure that it is being followed by all. It will likely take a few iterative passes through the steps to condense the process down to its absolute kernel.

Refine Until You Get The Essentials

It takes a little effort, but as you refine down, your process improves until it can guide everything in your organization. As you go through the refinement loop, remain vigilant about the EOS mantra of giving 20% to get to 80%.

In short, everything is reduced to the essentials – the highest priorities. Focusing on more increases complexity and often impairs achieving the desired outcome.