The Freedom Obsession

I have been obsessed with freedom since I was a first grader in Sunday School class. I remember it like it was yesterday, my teacher asked me to share my seat with another kid. Forget it. He infringed on my sense of freedom and proceeded to have the audacity to impinge my freedom even further by trying to put me in the corner. Let’s just say it didn’t go very well…for him.

Ever since that day in 1984, I’ve been using the idea of Delegate and Elevate to gain more and more freedom in my life. My son is the same way. Since he was born we joked he should be wearing a “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirt. Quoting Abraham Lincoln…

“Every man is born an original, but sadly, most men die copies.”

My obsession with freedom has worked in my favor my whole life. I grew up very free to do pretty much anything I wanted. My brother and I would ride our bikes 40 miles away at the age of 12 and 13. As long as we were home by dark I’m not sure anyone cared or even wondered where we went. This taught us significant problem-solving skills and how not to rely on anyone else for our results.

If we wanted to take a packed lunch on one of our adventures and didn’t have the money, we would cut the neighbors grass, get a paper route, or find some other way of making money. It was very simple to a couple of freedom seekers.

Delegate and Elevate Your Way to an Unfair Advantage

We were even homeschooled all through high school. While somewhat embarrassing on the surface, it has become a huge advantage. Consequently, ideas that get ingrained in people through high school and college are completely lost on me.

For example, our society says you are supposed to get a good job at a big company, save for retirement, keep your head down and work hard…then you die. That does not sound like freedom to me at all. Sort of sounds like prison.

Regardless, I tried my hand at working for a big company, going to college, being a number. It wasn’t for me. I have a college education, but not because it’s the American dream or what we are “supposed” to do. I went to college with very specific goals in mind.

While I did end up with four college degrees, it was because I wanted to learn a skill that would help me get to the next level of freedom. Not because of tradition, or what is expected of me. Forget that crap, it’s not freedom. I never do things I don’t want to for very long.

Taking Action Leads to Freedom

Sometimes I do get stuck in my quest for freedom doing things I don’t want to. This is usually a result of the “adjacent possible.” I think I’m getting rid of things and taking on something new that I believe is my God-given talent and end up hating the new things just as much as the stuff I gave up. That’s OK.

There is only one way to discover your God-given talent and that is to try as many things as possible. Getting into action and shedding the things you don’t like is the only path to freedom.

Begin the Path to Freedom with Delegate and Elevate

If you didn’t grow up like me, with a brash slant towards freedom, how do you achieve it? Is it even possible with your level of responsibility and resources? Is it too late for you? The answer is quite clearly, no. Here’s how you can achieve freedom through delegation. I’m assuming you run and own a business, however, these concepts work for anyone.

Everyone Needs a Team

My brother and I are 15-months apart so I have a natural born teammate. I also have partners in my businesses, accountants, landscapers, plumbers, carpenters, personal assistants, personal trainers, and coaches. They help me do all the things that suck the life out of me. I built my team over time. Sometimes they are on my team and they don’t even know it.

What I missed in my journey was clarity until I was introduced to the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman. Now, I teach my clients The Accountability Chart. This is an EOS® tool where we ensure that all the right people are in the right seats in your organization. Where nothing slips through the cracks and accountability is crystal clear.

In addition, every person is operating, and has the opportunity to operate, according to their God-given talents. The point where they feel completely free to be themselves. They get to be the original they were born to be and so do you. Establishing a Leadership Team within your organization is one of the most important steps to achieving freedom in your life and getting what you want from your business.

Then, systematically delegate all those things that suck the life out of you. Even if you are good at them, delegate it. Make sure the things you delegate are things that the team member Gets, Wants, and has the Capacity for.

3-Steps to Freedom

  1. Create a Leadership Team using The Accountability Chart
  2. Delegate and Elevate all your stuff so you are only doing things you Love and are Great at
  3. Make sure your team GWC™’s everything you delegate

It’s my passion to help people live the life they want to live. If you are interested in EOS, The Entrepreneurial Operating System® and would like to learn more, click the button below. This free 90-minute workshop will teach you all the tools necessary to achieve a higher level of freedom in your life and business.