2015 was definitely a year of change for me… more like shock, but 2016 has been a year where I’ve experienced the most change in my life. It’s easy to play the victim and hide or wallow in self-pity but it takes strength (more then I feel I have) to keep moving forward.

I am often quiet and reserved, maintaining my distance in an effort to keep my ground, my spot on the playground if you will, and staying comfortable. But change is inevitable, change is not comfortable. We must not wallow in self-pity, but take the next step and continue to grow, always making our future bigger than our past.

I know those are big words and may be easier said than done, but what other choice do we have? By not growing we stay in the same place, and that is not ok with me.

But if I was to start growing, I would be moving my life forward, expanding it into something much more exciting! That’s what living is all about. So I’m making a commitment to:

  1. Grow everyday
  2. Continue to believe in others
  3. Dream big
  4. Serve others, and
  5. Work within my unique abilities

And all the while remembering its all about progress and not perfection. What next steps are you taking to grow?

Next Steps

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