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Your Business is Made Up of a Few Core Processes

Process is one of the Six Key Components™ of the EOS Model™ and a key part of any great business operating system. Throughout your EOS® journey we focus a lot of effort on ensuring that your processes are documented and followed by all.

Working “On” Your Business

During The EOS Process™, we begin by encouraging you to work “on” your business (e.g. taking time to create your setting your vision, planning for traction and becoming a healthy and cohesive team).

Working “on” your business involves doing the things to help make it a resilient, stable and valuable enterprise. You spend the majority of you time working "in" your business, delivering your product or service. Taking time to work "on" your business is a key piece of helping you gain more control and increasing its valuation.

Your Business is Made Up of a Few Core Processes

The more time that you spend working “on” your business, the easier it becomes to distinguish, simplify, document and implement your core processes. At some point in the EOS Process, you will look down upon your business and see that your core processes are your business -- its franchise model -- the framework that makes the economics all work.

Resistance to Process and Documentation

Many of my clients are initially reluctant to dive deep into their core processes. When I mention process, I often get the “don’t fence me in” look.


I ask them to take a leap of faith and trust. Documenting and training the company in the core processes leads to more freedom and control, not less. In the end, my clients have a process-centric organization with more control, greater franchise value and more time to focus upon what they like and do best ;-).

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