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You Too Can Gain Traction In Your Business Instantly With The Assistance Track

I firmly believe that delegation through is the foundation for growth. Without a delegation resource in place, we are endlessly pressed up against the finite ceiling of time. Traction becomes elusive as we try to keep our head above water to just manage the existing work on our plates, let alone have the space to work on visionary, important work. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you continually put off getting help because of the a combination of the following thoughts:

1- No one can do it as well as I can

2- I don’t have time to train someone, it’s easier to just do it myself

3- I don’t want the pressure to have to fill someone else’s time each day

4- I don’t need / can’t afford to add another FTE to my payroll

5- I don’t want the responsibility of having to manage another person and I have no place for them to sit!

Using The Assistance Track™ Will Help You Gain Traction

The avoidance list goes on and on. In the ten years I’ve owned my support firm Delegate Solutions, I’ve heard them all! Unfortunately, none of the excuses actually solve the problem. The good news is that there are many support options available to entrepreneurs who are willing to think outside of the box when it comes to help. Check out our Right Fit Guide to learn about what is possible, and to self-assess what type of support is the right fit for you to execute The Assistance Track. Whether you decide that an FTE is the solution, or prefer a more strategic resource, it’s important to have a game plan in place for your key leverage points. Below are a few areas to start with as you deploy support in your business.

1: Run the EOS® Delegate and Elevate™ exercise. Delegate everything that falls in the bottom two quadrants. If you’re still at a loss for what to delegate: Review our cheat sheet of sample tasks you can easily hand off to your your new team member!  Using this method in The Assistance Track can provide you with exponential time savings.

2: Create one place to manage your delegations. EOS® calls this “The Stack”, and the goal is to only touch it once. If it isn’t owned or needs to be completed fully by you, move it to the Stack. In some cases, if the item is more conceptual, try using a Strategic Coach Impact Filter®.  This tool provides context to your support team member to execute the end result more clearly.

3: Deploy ritual daily meetings (or bi-weekly depending on the level of support you engage). During this meeting, run through items in the Stack, answer any questions and communicate on any key issues. Communication is the key to all successful delegation. Any time you can provide context to the ultimate end result, the more successful the delegation by your team.

4: Delegate your email. Yes, you can! In our work with clients, we teach that the concept of inbox delegation is a very broad spectrum. It can be something as simple as unsubscribing you from spam each day, to something more involved like sorting and prioritizing your inbox for you, all the way to the ultimate delegation: inbox freedom. Check out our Case Study to learn how! Just remember, the battle here is your own mental relationship with email and inbox.

5: Handoff your scheduling NOW! Not only do you *not* need to manage your own schedule, there are actually people out there who LOVE to schedule! They can act as gatekeepers to protect your time, deploy the Coach Entrepreneurial Time System® and even build in lots of automation so no one needs to hand schedule. It’s a beautiful thing! As you move forward with support to gain more traction in your business using The Assistance Track, remember that the goal of getting help is to free up your energy to focus as much of your time as possible on your Unique Ability® areas. A good assistant will understand and excited about how they will help you get there. Good luck!!

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