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Successful Entrepreneurs Hire a Traction Coach

What is a Traction Coach?

A Traction Coach, or an EOS Implementer, passionately help entrepreneurs break through the ceiling.  A Traction Coach helps you and your team accomplish this by teaching to all Six Key Components™ of your business. Traction Coaches:

  • Teach you every tool in the EOS Toolbox™
  • Facilitate clarity, alignment, and resolution
  • Coach EOS purity, accountability, and helping the leadership team become its best
  • Professional and Certified EOS Implementers

There is a worldwide community of over 250+ Traction coaches are who help entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. Traction coaches who are part of the EOS community share the EOS Core Values. These core values are:

  • Humbly confident – Open, honest, real, and well-practiced, ready to make a positive difference
  • Grow or die – Driven to maximize every situation and to take ourselves and our clients to the next level
  • Help first – Subordinating our personal interests to advance others, always giving value before expecting anything in return
  • Do the right thing – Never betraying a trust and doing whatever it takes to resolve every issue so people can move forward
  • Do what we say – Sometimes more, never less

What is Traction?

Traction: Get a Grip On Your Business is a business strategy execution book written by Gino Wickman. It is a playbook to help leaders of entrepreneurial teams increase traction, accountability, communication, team health, and results.  You gain traction by improving all Six Key Components™ of the EOS Model™.

What is a Business Coach?

A business coach is a teacher, facilitator, and mentor. Great business coaches engage you in a process to take you and your business from where it is now to where you want it to be in your dream vision. A business coach will help and lead you to grow your business. Business coaches help you clarify, simplify, and achieve your vision.

Why Should You Hire a Business Coach?

Business coaches:

  • Open your mind to new possibilities and help you foster the mindset to succeed.
  • Provide an objective sounding board.
  • Hold you accountable to your commitments and goals.
  • Bring experience and perspective to the table.
  • Help you create a greater purpose and legacy.

What is the difference between a Traction Coach and an EOS Implementer?

The terms Traction Coach and EOS Implementer are interchangeable in the general marketplace. EOS clients who have read Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business frequently refer to their EOS Implementers as Traction Coaches. The proper name for an EOS Worldwide trained coach is  EOS Implementer, Traction Coach is the common vernacular.

How long is a typical engagement with a Traction Coach?

A typical engagement with a Traction Coach is 18 to 24 months. A Traction Coach typically meets 10+/- times over that period of time. I have worked with clients for a few as 5 sessions over 12 months and have some clients who continue to work with me 5+ years later. The goal of a Traction engagement is getting the team 80+% strong in all Six Key Components of the EOS Model. When one of my client's teams gets to 80+% strong and is ready to graduate we consider it a time for celebration.

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