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Avoiding Highway Crashes In Business: The Natural Challenges of Focus

Driving: More Than Just a Common Business Metaphor

The Stark Realities of The Road

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are injured by traffic collisions and accidents each year. Recent accident statistics indicate that we are literally hopping into potential death machines every time we take even a casual drive. The rational thing for us to do, then, would be to take self-preservation as our primary goal in traffic. We would all be able to ignore the pings of our phones, leave the coffee in the cup holders, and concentrate on the road ahead of us. Our focus would be clear as we maneuver our cars around countless dangers to ourselves and others. Right?

Focus Skidding versus Traction Focus

Wrong. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us adjust the music, change the songs, and steal glances at our texts and email for seconds at a time. We humans are just not great at sustained focus throughout the day, and especially not throughout a quarter or year. A business operation, with its virtually endless interruptions, issues, and new opportunities, illustrates this phenomenon tenfold. We are not hardwired to make rational, long-term decisions when our lives are at stake on our daily commute.  Therefore, how could we expect it to be perfect when we make it to the office?

Overcoming Temptation & Keeping Core Focus: Traction Building

Fortunately, we at O4G recognize the grand potential of humanity along with our inherent shortcomings. It is no coincidence that "Traction" is found so often in EOS texts; in business, it is so easy to skid. With the right guidance, massive success is not only possible, it is virtually guaranteed. As EOS implementers, we revel in helping you keep your eye on the road and navigate towards focused success in the business. You will find yourself free from worries and problems bubbling in your brain. You will learn how to stay focused no matter what. So, eventually, when that focus spills over into your driving, well, that will just be a bonus.

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