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Ancient Lessons For Business- The Prince Part II: Trust Builders and Tough Decisions

Machiavelli in the Boardroom; Mother Teresa at the Bowling Alley

In Part I, we explored the framing of indecisive or overly careful integrators might need to help their turn desire to be liked. The key is to build respect in their decision-making process during IDS.

Now, in Part II, I explain the interplay of respect, friendliness, and trust that helps organizations operate at their best. In making tough calls, Integrators naturally may frustrate some parties by choosing a route from two opposing camps within the leadership team on a given issue.

Trust Builders

Trust Builders: The Salve for Tough Decision Fallout

Enter Trust Builders: The Best Choice For A Friendly-Minded Integrator

Fortunately, a tool in the EOS toolbox is tailor-made for this. That tool is Trust Builders. Trust Builders are rolled out during the quarterly pulsing stage of the EOS journey. This tool offers dozens of ideas for going beyond the typical “company picnic” and bowling trips to really enable teams to cultivate trust in leadership teams and across entire organizations.

Thus, Trust Builder builds professional relationships based on the trust needed to keep teams together. At their cores, friends are people who you can trust when you need them. Great colleagues fit the same mold. To sum up, if an integrator is hesitant to make tough calls, the trust component on your team needs work.

As EOS Implementers, it is our pleasure to teach you how to cement strong bonds using the Trust Builders in your EOS process.

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