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8 Steps to Increase Your Freedom

A Freedom Mindset is Everything

I've been obsessed with freedom mindset since I was 6, probably before.  I'm always engaged in the relentless pursuit of freedom. The issue with freedom is that we talk about it but aren't intentional about it.  It's hard to quantify your level of freedom.

How can I increase my freedom when I don't have a measure for it. Is freedom just a feeling? Partly.

Last year, my coach, Dan Sullivan, started talking about scorecards. A systematic way to measure any experience. In EOS® we teach scorecards for your business. The idea is that what gets measured, gets done. Why can't we measure freedom? The answer is we can.

We can measure our current level of freedom and we can be intentional about increasing it. I've developed The Freedom Formula™ as a way to measure your current level of freedom. Then based on the score, you can choose 3-7 Rocks to increase your freedom score.

The 8-Steps to Freedom:

  1. Location - Are you completely free to go where you want, when you want?
  2. Time - Do you have time to be creative and pursue passions?
  3. Money - Do you have enough money to do everything you want?  To experience everything you want?
  4. Relationships - Do you live in an exponential neighborhood or do you suffer fools?
  5. Future - Are you free to create the life and future you want?  Is it always bigger than your past?
  6. Team - Do you have the right team in place so you can Delegate and Elevate™ all the life-sucking activities?
  7. Risk - Are all your basics like insurance, tax, legal and retirement plans in place?  Are you 100% taken care of should something unexpected happen?
  8. Energy - Do you have the physical, spiritual, and mental energy to live fully?

Based on your score, I suggest you choose 1-3 areas of freedom you'd like to increase this quarter. Keep taking the score every quarter and recognize your progress.

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