Ben Berman

Certified EOS Implementer™

After starting his first company at only 14, Ben has spent almost his whole life diving deeper into the mechanics of entrepreneurship. Despite some early success in selling a logistics company he founded after only 18 months of rapid scale, he craved to understand what drove success in a business on a predictable, repeatable scale. That is when he first encountered EOS.

Ben next became the VP of Growth at an early-stage company, helping take the team from ten people and $300,000 in annual revenue to 117 people and $3.3+ million in just three years. The company, which continues to grow using the processes and best practices Ben instituted, currently has over 200 employees and $12+ million in annual revenue.

After setting that company on the right path, Benjamin accepted a role as the leader of a fine art publishing company with worldwide operations. In this position, Ben again used EOS to fix a toxic culture, align the team around a clear vision, and drive growth and profits that the decades-old company had not experienced in its entire history.

After seeing the power of EOS to add rocket fuel to businesses on the right track and help leaders regain control of those that are not, Ben was invited to put his energy and experience to good use in helping others utilize EOS for exceptional results. He has devoted his life to helping people do exactly that.

Ben has helped dozens of leaders get what they want from their businesses by helping them clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision.

Ben's engaging, but direct style makes for especially powerful sessions where breakthroughs are common and results are the norm.

When Ben is not working with his clients on EOS, he can be found volunteering in civilian counter-terrorism and self-defense initiatives and mentoring those looking for help.

Ben has been an incredible help to my organization in implementing EOS. We had tried to self implement, but he helped us take EOS to the level it was meant to go.  In the years he has worked with us, we've grown over 20% in consecutive years and have become a much healthier, better run, and driven organization across the board. After 5 years of running my business with no real structured approach, Ben has brought clarity to my vision, united my team to be same page, and helped us increase our profits tremendously. If you want to improve your business and your life, you must go to Ben.
Devin Gage, Speaker and Founder, Gage Strength Training
If you want an aligned team that executes, frees up your time, and grows, you have to go to Ben. His expertise in guiding us through EOS and facilitating important conversations downright changed the company for the better. We are healthier, happier, and profitable and we largely have Ben's guidance to thank for it all. I highly recommend him.
Andy Dinkin, CEO, The Seals Gaskets & Gear
Ben's instruction and guidance of EOS was clear, powerful, and effective. We worked with a different implementer prior to working with Ben, but we found Ben's time with us made a greater impact, faster, and more thoroughly. He is our guy and will be for as long as he is around.  Bob Ganz, President,  BMT Weiser

If you are interested in learning more about Ben can help your leadership team, you can reach him directly at (212) 517-1836 or email him at