Have you ever sat back and wondered… “how in the world am I going to get in the fitness shape I desire?” or “how am I to ever going to get out of debt?” or better yet, “am I ever going to be free of this stress, I am so frustrated.” I know I have asked questions like that a ton of times. All I can say is that it definitely is not going to happen immediately. I will be so bold as to say you should probably look at it in terms of baby steps.

Sit and take time to breathe. Honestly give yourself some attention and focus on you. What do you want?

Set a smart goal. Be specific about your goal. It must be able to be measured in some way. It also must be achievable. There is no sense in creating a goal that you can’t achieve in a healthy and safe manner. Set a time limit for your goal and take that first step.

Example – Goal: 100 push-ups this week Measurable: write it down- complete 25 push-ups each week night before bed

Starting small and working towards knocking out the achievable will create a win. And we all feel good when we win. And when we feel good about something – it drives us forward and we begin to operate with confidence knowing we CAN win. Why? Because you’ve proved it, you’ve done it. You have experience with it and that experience has power. Transformative power.

I know you can do it – so take some time and truly focus on you. Set a goal and knock it out of the park. No matter how small! Then set another goal and repeat. Let me know what goals you are setting and how you are doing. Message me at npr@o4g.co I am very interested in hearing about your wins. Funny how that works, your wins not only promote confidence in you but encourage me also!