My wife and I recently attended the Weekend To Remember by FamilyLife and had a fabulous time working on one of the most important relationships in life. Families are just like entrepreneurial businesses, if you don’t pay attention you can experience drift. You must be intentional in building your relationships and your business. Because if you aren’t intentional, you’ll end up aimlessly drifting on both fronts.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” ~Yogi Berra

Live Intentionally

As the great Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Having a clear direction for your business and your life is extremely important. If you don’t, you’ll end up aimlessly drifting without any real purpose. One of the many things that were clear during a Weekend to Remember is that you have to create a clear vision for your family and it must be Shared By All.

As a result, you will live a more fulfilled and happy life. My wife and I have a Family Plan™ and are implementing the applicable EOS® tools into our family life. The results are more oneness as a family. Everyone on the same page has created more harmony and ultimately a higher level of happiness.

Answer These 8 Questions to Live Intentionally

  1. What are your Core Values as a Family?
  2. What are your Passions?
  3. What is your 10-Year Target?
  4. What is your Lifetime Wish List?
  5. What is your 3-Year Picture™?
  6. What is your 1-Year Plan?
  7. What are your quarterly Rocks?
  8. What is your Issues List?

Stop Drifting With A Regular Family Pulse

The Weekend to Remember added tremendous value to my wife and I. We decided that we needed a regular meeting pulse as a family because we have the tendency to let decisions slide and get off track. While we do get things done, we needed to intentionally meet to solve our issues (vacation plans, shopping, etc.) on a more regular basis. As a result, we have started weekly Level 10 Meetings at home.

Most of all, we understood what gets measured gets done. We created a family scorecard that we review each week to make sure we are focusing on all the right things. Maybe I’m a nerd, but how can you let your most important relationship drift. I can tell you that as an entrepreneur I didn’t always put my family first.

Consequently, we would drift as a couple and as a family. We also create quarterly Rocks as a family.  Again, living with intentionality and discipline will create freedom in your life. We have things like home improvement projects, savings and retirement goals, vacations, etc.

Rather than bumping along, I encourage all my clients to apply the same principles of EOS into their family. Seems like living in this way is a no-brainer. We use Asana to track our todo’s for our family. This is a really simple tool that keeps us all on track. We also use Evernote to track and store pretty much everything else.

Use IDS and Kolbe To Solve Issues

Solving issues at home is really no different than solving issues in your business. We tend to make issues bigger than they are and work to solve symptoms instead of the root causes. Consequently, using IDS at home can be an effective way to discuss issues that you need to discuss.

In addition, using Kolbe to bridge the gap in communication can allow you to compromise your communication style to meet each other halfway. It’s a very powerful tool. We use Kolbe, StrengthsFinder and 5 Love Languages at home.

In summary, using the EOS tools, help you live your life intentionally on both family and business fronts. Stop the drift, start implementing disciplines and habits that support the life you want.