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We are 9-time Inc. 500|5000 entrepreneurs who know what it takes to grow and scale a business. We've exited the day-to-day of our businesses to pursue our passion of helping other entrepreneurs get everything they want from their businesses.

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Our Clients

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Approx 2-1/2 years ago we started working with Mark O’Donnell to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System. At that time we recognized that we were “hitting the ceiling” and that I as the business owner was a bottleneck causing delays and frustration. With Mark’s wisdom, guidance and foresight we were able to set up the processes needed to properly delegate away many of the responsibilities that were consuming much of my time. As a result of carefully choosing who to delegate each responsibility to and ways to ensure accountability, I learned to become comfortable with giving up control and as Mark often says “letting go of the vine”. The immediate result when we started was recognizing that by delegating away items that I did not love to team members that did, we ended up with much better results quicker than anticipated. By the end of 2018 we anticipate having increased the number of team members (Right People Right Stearns) as well as revenue by 3X. Additionally we are much better at recruiting, hiring, rewarding and providing feedback to our team. Personally, our leadership team has become much happier by all focusing more on areas of the business that we love, on a team that we are even more confident will remain successful and while spending more time with our loved ones. We are forever grateful to Mark and the entire team at O4G

Brian Sullivan

CEO, Sullivan Engineering
Sagefrog Marketing Group is a B2B marketing agency that's served healthcare, technology and business services companies since 2002. After experiencing rapid growth in the last few years, we felt strongly that we needed a system to drive operational excellence from the inside out and to also provide our employees with a structure for professional growth and fulfillment. In late 2016 and after studying EOS for many years, we decided to go for it and hired Mark O'Donnell to help us learn and implement the tools. Mark led our leadership team through a series of workshops, providing clarity around the EOS strategy, culture and tools. He's proven to be an EOS master with a wealth of knowledge who's helped push our team outside of our comfort zone while also instilling confidence that we could handle what's next. Since our EOS company rollout in January 2017, which followed a series of workshops with Mark, we've become a well-oiled machine, optimizing the way we meet, solve problems, plan, prioritize, follow processes, communicate, measure, structure, clarify roles, lead and manage. Beyond that, we've closed gaps between team members and continue to address internal issues head-on using the EOS tools. It's also provided safe platforms for employees to speak their minds, helping elevate our company culture. With Mark's guidance, EOS has helped our company "grow up" and we're extremely grateful for his approach and mastery of EOS and look forward to our continued partnership with him and O4G.

Mark Schmukler

CEO & Co-Founder, Sagefrog Marketing Group
The EOS system has been vital to providing focus, vision, and both long and short-term plans for 3Seed’s evolution. After five years in existence, our company was certainly positioned for growth, but it was never fully realized because we lacked the structure to do so effectively. After integrating the EOS techniques for a just a short time, it was easy to see that without having the right process in order our growth was stunted. The EOS System has now given us the right tools for long-term success. In fact, since adopting the EOS system, 3Seed has smoothly experienced 466% company growth and an impressive 149% growth in revenue.

John Mulder

CEO, 3Seed Marketing and Design
Ben has been an incredible help to my organization in implementing the EOS system. In the year we've worked with been we've grown over 20% and have become a much healthier, better run and driven organization in general. After 5 years of running my business with no real structured approach, Ben has brought clarity to my vision, united my team to all be on the same page and helped us increase our profit tremendously. I highly recommend a meeting with Ben if you're looking to grow your business, no matter what stage of development.

Devin Gage

Owner and President of Gage Strength Training
I wanted to take a minute and thank you for introducing us to the EOS system. Since coming to our first session in early 2017 our company has experienced a major transformation. Our meetings are more efficient, we handle issues straight on. My time as the owner and visionary is now spent on the business not in the business. We like the system so much have referred two other friends to Mark. Not surprisingly they have both called me excited about what EOS is doing for their business.

Gary Jonas

Owner, How Property Group
Jonathan brings a real world experience to companies that need assistance implementing the EOS model into the organization. Once we finally decided to engage an EOS implementer, we could not have picked a better candidate for the task.

Damon Finaldi

President & Owner, Tele-Data Solutions
If any business owner that is looking to better their company and/or has reached his or her ceiling of growth? I truly recommend Mark O'Donnell in guiding you to bettering your business and teaching you how to break through your barriers. In January he came out to review my business operations and till now, he has helped implement The EOS System to our everyday operations. At first it was a little difficult to adapt to, but it has sure paid off. I can not thank Mark O'Donnell enough in his efforts in implementing the EOS System to New Horizon Movers.

Andreas Makris

CEO, New Horizons Movers
Ben is a blessing to my organization. He has instituted business processes we sorely needed, driven massive sales growth, secured and cultivated major accounts, and helped streamline our team from complainers and non-performers to engaged, smart, effective employees with a real passion for growth. Ben's business sense is that of someone many years his senior. His creativity, passion, charisma, and endless energy know no bounds. I started this company by myself 20 years ago with just a portfolio and Ben is pushing us into the next step of being the growth company we were meant to be.

Ari Goldman

CEO and Founder of Choice Art Group
Jonathan brought immense value to our firm's operational efficiency and strategic planning...He is a superb facilitator and clear communicator of EOS and the value it brings to our company. It has immediately, positively impacted our business.

Jon Ecker

President, Peace of Mind Technologies
Ben could excel anywhere due to his unique expertise, fortitude, desire and ability to learn the business and make it his own. He will politely and professionally offer brilliant suggestions as to how a company can work more fluently and successfully thus gaining support and following through achieving success with any and all growth projects.

Linda Woodside

President at Woodside Temporaries, Inc
My work with Jonathan was incredibly valuable and a positive learning experience. He is a skilled communicator and just as skilled at listening and hearing what is and isn't being said. He helped our management team tackle several challenging issues, made hard conversations productive, and moved us forward when that sometimes felt impossible. As a mediator and facilitator, he strikes a great balance between comforting you and motivating action. He gives you tools you can use again and again. I would highly recommend working with Jonathan if you have the chance! He will absolutely make a difference in your business and career!

Filiz Emma Soyak

Founder of Paper Crane Education
Jonathan got our leadership team moving forward using the EOS model. Our L-10 meetings are healthy conversations around issues that get immediate attention and resolution. He has helped us build trust, commitment to our goals and accountability for driving results. After 9 months we've really started to delegate and elevate our team.

Will Flynn

Founder, Franklin Street Marketing
Our team began working with Jonathon early in 2015. That turned out to be a great decision. After facilitating our first strategic planning offsite my entire team rated the day a 10 out of 10. Jonathan, gets business but more importantly can understand the idiosyncrasies of a creatively driven company. He listens well. He is respectful through the process but appropriately challenges me, my partner and the team to be open, accountable and honest. If you make the decision to work with him you will not regret it.

Tim Dodge

Partner, Hanson Dodge Creative
Jonathan is an amazing leader, extremely tough entrepreneur, and leading entrepreneurial coach all in one. I had the pleasure of being in EO forum with Jonathan for several years and appreciated his knowledge of international business, complex deal structures, and large scale finance. When you have an impossible problem to solve he's the right guy to have in the room with you.

Aaron Houghton

Serial Tech Entrepreneur
We've been very satisfied with the EOS system and Jonathan in particular. Our meetings are incredibly efficient now, we have clear goals, and we have identified people in the org who should be promoted and demoted/terminated. We have spread Level 10 from exec meetings to all team meetings and the team seems to like them a lot. My exec team was skeptical at first but they have really embraced it. We would recommend Jonathan to any exec team looking to be more efficient and effective.

David Rodnitzky

CEO of 3Q Digital
Jonathan is a powerful strategic thinker with a refined sense of business direction. He possesses the ability to take big ideas and break them down into solid, practical steps toward making them a reality. He knows the art of business and how to equip entrepreneurs with the tools needed to make their dreams successful well beyond their expectations.

David Brugh

President, Meridian Bird Removal
Jonathan Smith was our keynote presenter for the Defense Alliance's annual "Architect of Defense" award in the Twin Cities. His presence was central to the evening's message of inspiration for businesses engaged in growth during challenging times. Jonathan's calm, professional and personable style belies a leadership talent that leads entrepreneurs to a laser-sharp focus on what's important, and what will guarantee results for their businesses. He clearly has a wonderful combination of ambition and integrity that is rare indeed. Defense Alliance will recommend that its most promising members work with Jonathan.

Chip Laingen

Corporate Vice President, Midwest Region at Logistic Specialties, Inc.
It was recommended to me that I meet Jonathan as soon as I could. As CEO of a start-up, I realized instantly why I needed to meet him. His perspective and guidance have always been extremely helpful. In addition, the EOS system has been very helpful and the book, Traction, is something I consult on a monthly basis. Finally, he seems to be connected to everyone in the business world. And if he is not, he seeks them out. He is a fabulous connector. I'm thankful for the day I met him.

Joseph Kopser

Candidate for Congress, Entrepreneur, Army Veteran
Honestly cannot say enough good things about Jonathan. I met Jonathan only 7 months ago and within not 24 hours of meeting him, he was already introducing us to people and organizations who could truly move our business needle. He continues to impress with his level of knowledge of the entrepreneurial space and his network. Jonathan is incredibly responsive, generous, genuine, smart and savvy. It is wonderful to work with him, and I now consider him a close friend and colleague.

Craig Cummings

Moonshots Capital, Tech Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Military Veteran
I had the pleasure of attending a presentation that Jonathan lead titled, "From Business Plan to Strategic Plan!" It was a fantastic session in which I walked away with excellent information I am already implementing in my business. Jonathan is the type of professional that I like to work with - he is prepared, focused, and delivers great value in a short period of time. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Howard, CEG

Business Coach
Jonathan is one of those "once in a lifetime assets" that learned business from the inside-out and now can help SMBs excel from the outside-in. Jonathan, and his proven process, can aspire any business that invariably has common growth and performance related challenges to new heights of excellence, team engagement, innovation and health. Just grant Jonathan 90 minutes of your time and I promise it will change your life and business, forever!

Jeff Grice

Director of Strategic Development at UnityWorks!
I have been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 25 years. I was previously a client of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and successfully "graduated" and continue to use EOS in my day-to-day business. The results that we have achieved using EOS would have been impossible without the simplicity, clarity and traction provided by the system. Everyone is 100% on the same page with where the company is going and exactly how it's going to get there. My management team is working together as a more cohesive, functional whole and the everyone in the organization makes progress each day towards achieving the vision. I have known Jonathan for over 10 years through the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Detroit, as a forum mate, former Detroit Chapter President (we both served terms as EO Detroit President) and lifelong friend. If you are an owner of a $2 to $50 mm high growth business and frustrated because you are hitting the ceiling, I highly recommend that you give Jonathan a call.

Alex Burkulas

President/CEO at Cygnus Systems, Inc.
I have been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 25 years. I am a former member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Cleveland and Birthing of Giants (BOG) graduate at MIT. I have a grand vision for my company, but hit the ceiling and knew I needed some help to achieve my goals. I hired Jonathan and ChiefOptimizer to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) for my company and the results have been better than I could have imagined. Everyone is getting 100% on the same page with where the company is going and exactly how it's going to get there. My management team is working together as a more cohesive, functional whole and the everyone in the organization makes progress each day towards achieving the vision. If you are an owner of a $2 to $50 mm high growth business, I highly recommend that you give Jonathan a call.

David Marinac

Host of Ditch The Box at VoiceAmerica Talk Radio
We have been in business for almost 20 years and as our organization grew, we attempted many approaches to manage our growth. We tried weekly and monthly meetings, goal setting, breaking up in to teams, anything to assist in helping us to move things forward and make our organization better. While some of our efforts were successful, it wasn’t until we implemented EOS that we started to see real change… a consistency and focus that we had never seen before. We began by executing the system at the management level and now, 2 years later, our entire organization is operating under EOS. With the assistance of Mark’s coaching throughout this process, we have been able to set quarterly goals that are smart and achievable. We are no longer getting distracted by the shiny things and are only shifting our attention to the things that help to move our organization forward and align with our annual goals. Accountability is clear throughout the entire organization. We highly recommend EOS and Mark O’Donnell if you’re looking move your organization to the next level!

Aimee Russomano

US Healthconnect, Senior Vice President
I have been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 15 years and know Jonathan through the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) NJ. Along the way Jonathan has provided me with sage advice and counsel and has become a very good friend. I was very excited to hear he that Jonathan elected to become an implementer for the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), as its a perfect fit for the leadership and facilitating personality, along with the years of experience managing high growth businesses.

Alex Zaltsman

CEO, InnoviMobile
Jonathan comes highly recommended from me. He's been a mentor and a consultant on our entrepreneurial journey. He was there many steps of our path from $2M to near $20M in sales. I was very excited to hear he signed on with EOS, as its a perfect fit for the leadership and facilitating personality, along with the years of hands on experience.

Brad Sorock

Founder, Loftopia
Jonathan is rocket fuel for business refinement. He helped us set a daily communication rhythm that is based on a clear set of quarterly goals where each person owns a piece of the outcome, so the whole team is aligned and keeps energized. Jonathan is uniquely adept at seeing through complexity and lasers in on clarity, helping us respond to opportunity and adversity faster and with greater impact. I am personally very grateful to know Jonathan and to consider him a strategic member of our team.

Joseph R. Hudicka

US Managing Director, Neurored

Optimize For Growth

team of experts

Mark O’Donnell is an entrepreneur, high growth strategist, and Certified EOS® Implementer.  He is the Co-Founder of Optimize for Growth (O4G) and former 9-time Inc. 500|5000 recipient. Mark is an expert in helping business owners gain more control over their businesses and their lives.  Mark's WHY is to help you envision a more ambitious future and show you a path to start making progress right away.

Jonathan B. Smith is an entrepreneur, High Growth Business Strategist, and Certified Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementer. He is the Co-founder of Optimize for Growth (O4G) and former COO of an Inc. 500 company. Jonathan is an expert in working with entrepreneurs who are “stuck” and need help in scaling, getting market traction, or resolving global operation problems. Jonathan’s WHY is to Contribute to a Greater Cause, Have an Impact, Add Value.

Ben launched his first business in 2008. He quickly grew it to scale and sold it just one year later. He next became the VP of Growth at an early-stage company, helping take the team from five people and $300,000 in annual revenue to 21 people and $3.3+ million in just three years. The company, which continues to grow using the processes and best practices Ben instituted, currently has over 60 employees and over $12 million in annual revenue.

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Strengthen the Six Key Components of Your Business

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a holistic business system that facilitates business growth and scale up.


So how do you get everything you wantfrom your business? 

What is EOS®?

EOS is a complete business operating system that helps companies with 10 to 250 employees scale up and grow.  The system allows leaders clarify their VISION, get more TRACTION, and build HEALTHY teams.

The EOS Toolbox

The toolbox contains twenty tools that allow entrepreneurial leaders to get more done with less effort.  They are simple and effective.  Implementing all twenty tools will take you and your business to the next level.

The EOS Process

We have personally implemented The EOS Process in over 100+ companies conducting more than 2,000+ full-day sessions.  The average growth rate of our clients is over 20% annually.


by the numbers

Full Day
Avg Session
Growth Rate

The path to mastery

The EOS Process is built to create independence not dependence on an EOS Implementer®. We take each day one step at a time so the process becomes part of your DNA.  No more flavor of the month.

The EOS Process starts with a complimentary 90-Minute Meeting that will teach you and your team about the six keys to running a self-managing business.  Ultimately, the meeting is intended to determine if there is a fit between you and the process as well as your O4G EOS Implementer.

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If we decide to work together, we move to the Focus Day.  The Focus Day is a full-day session that typically takes 7 hours +/- 1 hour.

During this session you will learn the Five LeadershipTM that will help you break through the ceiling each and every time. We will then establish clear roles and responsibilities with the Accountability ChartTM.

From there we will establish the 90-Day WorldTM with your first round of Rocks, establish a Meeting PulseTM, and create your first Scorecard.

Every session is guaranteed whether you are on our subscription plan or daily session fee plan.

Once Focus Day is complete, we then move to the Vision Building sub-process.  It starts with Vision Building Day 1.

There is typically 30-days between session days.  This allows you to practice all the tools on the path to mastery.

In the full-day Vision Building Day 1 session, we will review all the Focus Day tools and all the work you’ve done.  Then we start answering the 8 QuestionsTM of the Vision/Traction OrganizerTM.

During Vision Building Day 1, we will complete the following:

  1. What are your Core Values?
  2. What is your Core FocusTM?
  3. What is your 10-Year TargetTM?

Every session is guaranteed whether you are on our subscription plan or daily session fee plan.

In full-day Vision Building Day 2 session, we pick up where we left off answering the 8 Questions of the Vision/Traction Organizer.  The day starts by reviewing the Focus Day tools and the work we did in Vision Building Day 1.

Once you and your team are on the same page and we’ve made corrections as necessary, we finish answering the 8 Questions:

  1. Marketing Strategy
  2. 3-Year PictureTM
  3. 1-Year Plan
  4. Quarterly Rocks
  5. Issues List

At this point, you and your leadership team are 100% on the same page with the vision for your organization and how you will get there.

At the conclusion of this session, we will talk about how to roll-out the tools to the rest of your organization.

Every session is guaranteed whether you are on our subscription plan or daily session fee plan.

In our Quarterly Pulsing sessions, we will meet once per quarter in a full-day session to address the following items:

  1. Review quarterly results and numbers
  2. Review the V/TOTM to make sure the team is 100%
    on the same page.
  3. Take a deep dive into the EOS tools on the path to mastery.
  4. Reset our 90-Day priorities with a new set of Rocks.
  5. Spend time in facilitate IDS (Identify, Discuss and Solving) to make sure we address the biggest issues.

The Annual Planning session is two consecutive days with your leadership team working on the following:

  1. Review of annual goals and results
  2. Team Health
  3. Organizational CheckupTM
  4. S.W.O.T Anaylsis
  5. 3-Year Picture
  6. 1-Year Plan and Departmental Plans
  7. Quarterly Rocks
  8. Facilitated Issues Solving

Every session is guaranteed whether you are on our subscription plan or daily session fee plan.

Billion Dollars
are wasted each year due to ineffective meetings

Learn the secrets of running more effective meetings in your business

Experts estimate that more than 37 Billion dollars are lost per year due to ineffective business meetings.  What's your share of those meetings?  The Entrepreneurial Operating System and the Level 10 MeetingTM will help you make your meetings 100x more useful. You will solve your problems faster, meetings will never be annoying, and you'll never be in an additional meeting again.

The Level 10 Meeting will be the most significant time management tool in your business.

Discover how to hire the right people for your organization and keep them

Making the wrong hire can cost you up to 213% of their annual salary to replace a leader within your organization according to HR consulting firm Dise & Company.  Most organizations can't afford to keep the wrong people around and can't afford to make hiring mistakes very often.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. ~Peter Drucker

O4G will help you, and your organization discover your Core Values, how to hire, fire, review, reward and recognize your people.  Building culture.

Having clear roles and responsibilities is one of the more critical aspects of retention.  The Accountability ChartTM is the ultimate tool to help you clarify who is doing what in your organization.

Let us help you avoid making costly hiring mistakes and get all the right people in the right seats.  Business growth and scale up is impossible without great people.

Percent of Annual Salary
is the cost of replacing a poor fit employee
Thousand Dollars
to fully on-board a new employee
Percent of Workers
are disengaged from their work
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