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Create a Self-Managing Business

Discover more freedom, more profits, and less frustration with a complete system.

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Create a Clear Vision

Master Execution

Create Healthy Teams

There’s too many people counting on your leadership for your business to not succeed.

You've put everything on the line. You deserve for your business to give you the life you desire.

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It's possible to break through the ceiling to new growth.

Solve issues for good

As the leader it may feel like you are always putting out fires and never building for the future. Discover how you can stop managing problems and start building something great.

Gain traction

As you and your team get on the same page, moving in the same direction, the entire organization will become energized. Next level growth is right around the corner!

Build a better life

You got into this business to build a better life for yourself. This will finally become possible. With newfound freedom with time and money you can now invest in the relationships that are closest to you.

We've helped a ton of businesses achieve record profits.

We work with leadership teams of privately-held companies with 10 to 250 employees. We have worked with over 200 companies and have delivered over 1,500 full-day sessions.

"I found myself constantly doing time-consuming tasks that were keeping me away from my best work. After implementing EOS we were able to set up the processes needed to free up my time and give up control so my business could break through the ceiling and grow. "

Brian Sullivan
CEO, Sullivan Engineering

"We felt like there was no real clarity or structure to unite our team. The EOS system was what was needed for a complete turnaround. In one year we've grown over 20% and have become a much healthier, better run, and driven organization. After 5 years of running my business with no real structured approach, Ben has brought clarity to my vision, united my team to all be on the same page and helped us increase our profit tremendously. I highly recommend a meeting with Ben if you're looking to grow your business, no matter what stage of development. "

Devin Gage
President, Gage Fitness

"Since our EOS company rollout in January 2017, we've become a well-oiled machine, optimizing the way we meet, solve problems, plan, prioritize, follow processes, communicate, measure, structure, clarify roles, lead and manage. Beyond that, we've closed gaps between team members and continue to address internal issues head-on using the EOS tools. It's also provided safe platforms for employees to speak their minds, helping elevate our company culture."

Mark Schmukler
CEO, Sagefrog

"Since implementing EOS our company has experienced a major transformation. Our meetings are more efficient, we handle issues straight on. My time as the owner and visionary are now spent on the business, not in the business. "

Gary Jonas
Owner, How Property Group

"EOS has helped us institute the business processes we sorely needed, drive massive sales growth, secure and cultivate major accounts, and help streamline our team from complainers and non-performers to engaged, smart, effective employees with a real passion for growth. "

Ari Goldman
CEO and Founder of Choice Art Group

Strengthen the Six Key Components™ of Your Business with The Entrepreneurial Operating System®

The complete system, methodology, and process for sustainable growth.

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Why Work With Optimize For Growth?

Having built our own businesses we understand the uncertainty, frustrations, and roller coaster emotions that come with building and growing a business. However this doesn't have to be your journey. Every person on the Optimize for Growth team has used the EOS system to successfully grow their own business. And now we teach the system to help business owners finally get out of simply managing an overwhelming endeavor to becoming confident and successful entrepreneurs.

Mark O'Donnell, Certified EOS Implementer™

Mark is a 9-time Inc 500|5000 entrepreneur and EOS Worldwide Head Coach who has since sold his companies to pursue his passion of helping other entrepreneurs build their businesses.

Jonathan B. Smith, Certified EOS Implementer™

Jonathan is an entrepreneur, High Growth Business Strategist, and EOS Implementer. He is the Co-founder of Optimize for Growth (O4G) and former COO of an Inc. 500 company.

Ben Berman, Certified EOS Implementer™

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® in Action

How we work

3 Simple Steps to Start Gaining Real. Simple. Results.

1. Schedule a Call

We spend 30 minutes together to discuss how we can help you break through and get what you want from your business.

2. Implement a System

If you decide we are a fit, we schedule our first full-day session and get you started making a difference right away.

3. Grow Your Business

By implementing a complete system you will grow your business, gain more freedom, and build a better life.

Stop stressing out trying to execute your vision. Clarify your vision and get the whole team executing.

At Optimize for Growth, we know you want to be a confident entrepreneur.  In order to do that, you need to break through the ceiling and grow your business while having more freedom, more profits, and less frustration.  

The problem is you’re lacking a complete system, methodology, and process to solve your issues which makes you feel frustrated, confused and burnt out.

We believe you’ve put everything on the line, and you deserve for your business to give you the life you desire.

We understand what it’s like to feel uncertainty, frustrations, and roller coaster emotions with building and growing a business which is why we’ve used a The Entrepreneurial Operating System in our own businesses and have since worked with over 200 businesses and delivered over 1,500 full-day sessions with clients.

Here’s how we do it: 1. Schedule a call 2. Implement a complete system and 3. Grow your business.

So, schedule a call.  And in the meantime, learn about the one common denominator of all great leaders.  So you can stop feeling stuck and frustrated and gain more freedom, more profit, and more control over your business.

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